Steel or Acrylic Baths – Which is Right for You?

Many customers contact us who are set on having their bath made out of a particular material; in this blog we’ll discuss the merits and pitfalls of the two main types – steel baths and acrylic baths.

Steel or Acrylic Baths - We find out which is best for you!

Both steel and acrylic baths have their own strengths; while each of our bath ranges are rich in style, quality and amazing value for money, each has it’s own unique attributes that may sway some of you one way or the other.

So without further delay, let’s examine each type of bath and what exactly makes them special in their own way!

Steel baths are sturdy, stylish and incredibly cool looking!

Steel baths are incredibly sleek and stylish! Click here to view Steel Baths.

  • Steel baths can be manufactured to form sharper and flatter lines than an acrylic bath as the steel is pressed rather than vacuum formed; these sharp lines lend themselves well to modern sanitaryware and minimalist design.
  • The enamel finish is extremely bright white, hardwearing and resistant to damage from cleaning materials.
  • While acrylic baths can become susceptible to fading over years after regular exposure to UV light or rays, steel baths are substantially more resistant to these effects, as well as being resistant to chemicals.
  • Steel baths are non-porous, meaning they are fantastic at preventing the growth or harbouring of bacteria and mould.
  • Steel baths are more eco-friendly. Because steel is a raw and natural material these baths can be recycled and repurposed later in life, making the steel bath a better choice from an environmental standpoint. Acrylic less recyclable, and requires the burning of fossil fuels to be produced.
  • Steel baths are more effective at retaining heat, meaning you get a much longer bath without requiring a top-up or hot water!

Customer Reviews

“Really happy with our new steel bath, it stays warm for much longer than our old bath and looks great too :)”

“Seriously happy with our purchase from bathshop321, our bath arrived quickly and looks fantastic in our bathroom! Awesome value for money. ”

Acrylic Baths are sturdy and available with a premier finish.

Our Acrylic baths are sturdy, stylish and fantastically priced! Click here to view our range.

  • Acrylic baths offer more choice with regards to design as the material is more malleable, they are also generally available in more sizes than steel baths and in many occasions may be the only option which will fit when looking for a bath to squeeze into a tight space.
  • Acrylic baths are much more resistant to impact damage, running a much lower risk of chipping or superficial damage if dropped or something is dropped onto the bath.
  • Our acrylic baths are made from A-grade sanitary acrylic which is the best colour match for basins and toilets. . The acrylic is also the best grade to be vacuum formed ensuring that the bath is flat in the bathing areas with no bubbles, ripples and pin holes which you will find in many imported baths from the Far East. The whole range of baths developed by Bathshop321 are manufactured by 3 factories producing over 15,000 baths per week so you can be assured the quality is excellent.
  • Acrylic baths are much warmer to the touch, and do not retain cold temperatures during the chillier months as steel baths do, perfect for those who find the shock of a cold surface uncomfortable.

Customer Reviews

“I bought 1600mm Acrylic P Shape Shower Bath, great service! The Bath arrived within a week, really pleased with the quality of all the products received. Thanks very much!”

“Thanks to all at Bathshop321. Great product, great price and great service! Highly recommended.”

What’s the Verdict?

As you can see from our lists, each type of bath has some great strengths and weaknesses; which one is better is really a matter of personal preference and what you would look for in a bath!

That said, for those who do not wish to compromise on any of the above factors (for example those who want the design and durability benefits of both baths) we offer a superb Premier range.

A bath from our Premier range is essentially an acrylic bath which is manufactured to the highest possible standards. The A-grade acrylic is vacuum-formed into shape then the baseboard is applied, the bath is then sprayed with fibre glass and resin to form a skin around the acrylic bonding the baseboard to the acrylic; this skin creates rigidity and density.  At this point a standard acrylic bath would  be at the end of its production cycle.  A premier bath is then over sprayed with a special reinforced coating greatly increasing strength, rigidity and heat retention properties.

The perfect solution for anyone who can’t decide between steel baths or acrylic baths -premier reinforced baths are the answer!

Pictured below is our best selling bath the 1700mm P shape Shower Bath with the Premier reinforcement – available for just £199 including the bath, screen and front panel.

Our best-selling Galaxia P Shape Bath is a fantastic example of a quality Acrylic tub

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